1. Why should I submit my paper to the DJOG?

DJOG is intended to facilitate publication of studies that are traditionally not favoured by more established journals without a heafty article processing charge (APC) in open access for profit, typically because the papers present negative findings, are replication studies, protocol papers, case studies, or narrative reviews.
We offer a thorough peer-review process, and proper typesetting and publishing of the paper. The paper will receive its own DOI number, meaning it is fully citable by other journals. 
You will also be supporting the grass-roots movement against the exorbitant profit margins of many open access journals produced by the big publishing companies. We believe that since you do the research, the paper should belong to you, and be for everyone to read - and that you shouldn't be charged extra for that. 

2. Can my paper be found on PubMed?

Not yet - it is the intention of the journal to become indexed by NCBI PubMed, however this is a long process that requires the journal to have been active for some time. When DJOG becomes indexed by PubMed, papers published at least 2 years prior will be included in the process, and hopefully this means all prior publications will be included. 
It is also our intention to actively have the journal indexed by Google Scholar.

3. What are the article processing charges (APC)?

Papers accepted for the first issue of DJOG will not be subject to article processing charges. The APC for future issues will be announced at a later date, but will reflect the average costs of processing each paper. We expect that the nominal rate will be around 270 - 400 euros.

4. For how long will my paper be available online?

Forever! DJOG will use the Public Knowledge Project Preservation Network (PKP PN) to digitally preserve copies of any published papers in the journal, even in the case of the journal ceasing operations. 

5. How does the peer-review process work at the DJOG?

We will conform to a double blind review by your peers. The reviewers will not be informed of your name and you will not know the identity of the reviewers. 

6. Can I send a pre-approval inquiry to the editors for my manuscript?

Yes, you're welcome to write to us if you have a paper you are working on or have an idea for a paper, to see if we are interested. However, our pre-approval is not binding and your paper may still be rejected once we receive it or after peer-review.